Tanks Pad / Protector for the CBR500R

One of the first accessories I bought for the bike was a tank protector both to prevent my belt from scratching the gas tank and also just because it looks cool. I originally bought the Speed Metal jelly tank pad from Cycle Gear that had an actual carbon fiber inlay which you can see in the picture of my first post. It was slightly big but seemed cool until the pad started to unstick from carbon itself. I think since the CF inlay is rigid, it doesn’t like staying flexed around the curves of the tank.

I pulled that off and installed the ProGrip 5008 Carbon pad which was a bit smaller and in my opinion fits the shape of the tank much better. It also does not have a real CF inlay, however still looks great. It sticks much better and overall is a better complement to the bike.

Alpinestars GP Plus R Perforated Leather Jacket

I’ve only put a few miles on the bike as I wait to finish collecting all the gear I need to ride safely. I already had an LS2 helmet that I purchased when i started thinking about motorcycles and recently bought a new jacket.

The A* GP Plus R jacket fits very well and is the exact look i wanted in a riding jacket. I’m on the smaller side and typically wear as small as a 36R suit jacket from Express, but found the 38R in this jacket was perfect. I’m 5’8″, 145lbs, 30″ waist and medium build for reference. The build quality is excellent and in the short rides I’ve done so far, keeps cool as long as you’re moving air through the perforation.

I’m sure i’ll have more opinions on this jacket and all my gear as i get to use it for longer rides and determine how well it holds up – so far though, i’m very pleased with the fit, finish and overall look of this jacket.